Green Tea Acne

Green Tea is one of the traditional medicine used by Chinese people for many illness like acne and for many other purposes. Green Tea is one of the best remedy for Acne.

Green Tea contains natural anti-bacterial properties, epigallocatechin gallate, and antioxidants. Green Tea also reduces irritation, hormonal activity, and also helps in cleansing the skin which is best for Acne. Green Tea is now also used in Acne creams as well as it is present in tablets.

Green Tea Acne
Green Tea is also called as ‘Pimple Tea‘ by Chinese people as it acts as a best remedy for Acne. It is suggested to have a cup of Green Tea without sugar after having meal which will help you in digestion and which will lead in getting rid of toxins which causes Acne. Green Tea is one of the best herbal treatment for Acne problems and it will also keep you healthy.

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