How to lower Cholesterol

Are you looking forward to lower down your cholesterol reading? Than you are at correct place, you can actually lower down your cholesterol without consuming any prescription medicines. Just follow our steps and stay free from higher levels of cholesterol from your body.

Below we have some tips which will help you to improve your body cholesterol level:

How to lower Cholesterol

  • Eat Correctly: If you have high cholesterol level than you should maintain your habit of eating, you should always consume low fat and low cholesterol food.
  • Exercise: You have to exercise daily which will improve your blood circulation.
  • Sleep: You should take enough sleep to give your body rest, and low down your stress level. If you are stressed than your cholesterol level might become high, so you will have to lower down your stress also by giving your body rest.
  • Consult doctor: You should consult doctor and ask him whether your body suits to take such type of diet and exercise. And the important thing when following these tips don’t stop your medicines without consultation of doctor.

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