How to reduce body fat

Below we have mentioned one of the best ways with which you can easily reduce your body fat, so that you will able to lose your weight quickly.

Follow all these below steps and include it in your daily life and see the difference in your weight.

How to reduce body fat

  • Steam, Boil, Roast or Microwave Vegetables instead of frying them with oil.
  • Avoid flavoring vegetables with butter, sauces or margarine instead you can use herbs and spices.
  • Avoid mayonnaise or sour cream on salads and instead use lemon juice.
  • Always avoid butter and margarine and instead use vegetable oil or tub margarine to decrease saturated fat.
  • Consume Slimmed Milk or low fat milk instead of whole milk.
  • Meat or fish should be boiled or roasted so that the fat will drain out from the food.
  • Use nonstick pan for cooking so that you will reduce the usage of oil in the food.
  • At least once a week consume low-fat vegetarian main dish.

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